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An Arduino Leonardo compatible board equipped with a WiFi module and easy to connect expansion connectors.

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The Sweet Pea LeoFi is an Arduino Leonardo compatible board with an integrated CC3000 Wifi module.

The board is based on the Arduino Leonardo design but is greatly enhanced with a Wifi module, a more sturdy USB connector, enhanced PCB layout and to top it all off, a blue LED that can be used to indicate the link status. The WiFi module we have used on this board is the popular CC3000. The CC3000 is an excellent choice for devices like the LeoFi as it implements a unique feature called Smart Config. Smart Config will allow you to configure all the network parameters from an external iOS or Android device thus freeing up the Arduino device from having to do that. The module is always shipped with the latest firmware which currently is version 1.24. This matches the host driver version 1.4 found on our github.

We have developed an extensive library that will do all the communication with the CC3000 device and let you focus on your application. It has features that will help you to push sensor data up to Xively, Sen.se or pretty much any data collection service that is available. The library also contains examples on how to create a web server, a web client, how to send a mail and a lot of other examples. The library source code can be found on [1]

You can also use this board to interface any Wifi enabled devices to your PC, as a mouse or a keyboard using the built in Wifi module and the USB interface.

The board includes a chip antenna which makes it ready to run out of the box, no external cables or antennas are needed. Also notice that this board has its own USB VID/PID combination which means that it does not infringe on Arduino license terms.

The basic hardware is directly compatible with the standard Arduino Leonardo board. The CC3000 WiFi module is connected to the SPI bus and uses three of the available pins on the board D5 - D7. If you for some reason do not want to use the WiFi module you can disable it by keeping D5 (VBAT) low. In this case pins D6 and D7 can be used for other purposes.

For normal usage the Sweet Pea WiFi library will configure the pins for you so there is no need to do any configuration in your sketch.

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SweetPea LeoFi

SweetPea LeoFi

An Arduino Leonardo compatible board equipped with a WiFi module and easy to connect expansion connectors.

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