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Arduino Ethernet Shield with Wiznet W5500, Ethernet connector, Micro SD Connector and a NFC Tag with antenna.

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The SweetPea NetFox is a multifunction Arduino Shield. It comes packed with features such as an Ethernet interface, an SD Card connector and an advanced NFC Tag interface with antenna. We also added two Groove compatible connectors (I2C and Serial) for all of those cool Groove accessories that our friends at Seeedstudio manufactures. We also included our own One Wire connectors making it super easy to hook up those DS18B20 temperature sensors.

The boards also comes with its own reset button that allows you to easily reset your system.


On this shield we decided to go with the efficient and powerful Wiznet W5500 chip. The W5500 communicates with the Arduino CPU board using SPI to maximize Ethernet throughput. The activity and link LED's are located on the Ethernet RJ45 connector and the speed and duplex LEDs are located on the PCB beside the SD Card connector. An on board voltage regulator creates the required 3.3V for the Ethernet controller.

Micro SD Card

The micro card connector is located just next to the Ethernet connector,  making it easy to access both items from a front panel if that is required. This connector will accept most 3.3V  micro SD cards available today. We have yet to come acress a memory card that doesn't work on our board.


The SweetPea NetFox+ board includes NFC technology that emulates an NFC tag, allowing a smart phone to read and write data, through NFC, to an EEPROM located on the board. Effectively this means that a simple application can act as the UI towards your Arduino system. An on board U.FL. connector allows you to hook up a wide range of NFC antennas to the it. The kit of course comes with an antenna that works perfectly with the board.

For the NFC Tag we have developed our own library that takes care of the reading and writing of records to the EEPROM memory. In read only mode this library consumes less than 3.5KByte of flash memory. The source code is available at Github.

We also designed a simple android app that will work with all our NFC Tag enabled boards. Different boards will show different UI's and which can easily be modified to suit your own needs. This app can be used as it is or as a base for your own implementation. The app is available on Google Play and as source code on Github.

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SweetPea NetFox

SweetPea NetFox

Arduino Ethernet Shield with Wiznet W5500, Ethernet connector, Micro SD Connector and a NFC Tag with antenna.

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